From early childhood I was fascinated by the sparkle and glamour of jewellery. It was a tradition of the women in my family to adorn themselves with simple and tastefully designed pieces.

Each piece of my jewellery is individually crafted and has a simple and fluid beauty. Contrast and balance are key elements of my work as I juxtapose the qualities of semi precious stones, pearls, feathers and glass beads to stunning effect. My aim is to create stylish, eye-catching yet wearable and multifunctional pieces and can be purchased in London, New York, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Lanzarote. 

All  materials are carefully selected and assembled into classic and unique designs. Glass beads, pearls, amethyst, agate, crystals, jade, onyx, other semi-precious stones and sterling silver fittings are purchased on my travels throughout the world.